tauro.camera is a high-speed camera rental based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded by Martin Bethge and Christian Saure in 2018 and has made a name for itself with the continuously successful distribution of the Vision Research Phantom VEO 4K-PL — a camera famous for its compact and versatile design which allows it to be mounted onto drones, gimbals and conventional holdings. The numbers speak for themselves: the Phantom VEO is capable of capturing images with up to 1000 FPS/in 4K.

tauro.camera’s Phantom 4K is the only one in the EU that the customer can choose the mount for : PL, LPL, Canon EF and even Panavison mounted lenses can be used.

Both founders look back on up to 25 years of experience concerning the handling of all different types of cameras and are currently working as cameramen, Digital Image Technicians, camera assistants and, of course, technicians for Phantom high-speed cameras.

Furthermore, the company staff takes pride in being able to allocate an extensive amount of expertise to any cameraman or venture that might not be familiar with the handling of the Phantom VEO, be it either for commercial or artistic purposes, prior to the production as well as along the way. Technical support regarding post-production issues can also be provided.

Due to tauro.camera being part of a reliable and highly functioning network of camera rentals that spans across Europe, every task is sure to be carried out with greatest precision and reliability, no matter the budget.

Please feel free to inquire about contracting details using the messaging interface on our website.